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ENVELOPE MUSE began back in early 2000s in the isolated deep south of Western Australia out of love for dark ambient, obscure noise, industrial, soundtrack and film. Initially with a 4 track recorder, a guitar,
a mic and a few effects pedals, EM evolved into the dark ambient industrial soundtracks we hear today, using field recordings, modified equipment, film samples, synths, guitar and bass.


Dialogue runs as a theme and the music is carefully constructed and inspired for short film and live performance. With influences of the likes of early noise merchants CABARET VOLTAIRE, NON, SPK, & EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN.

ENVELOPE MUSE's soundtracks tend to evoke a feeling of solitude, melancholy, confinement and isolation while the music features foreboding, ominous, and discordant overtones. 


envelopemuse.bandcamp.com - soundcloud.com/envelopemuse - facebook.com/envelopemuse

instagram.com/envelopemuse - tiktok.com/@envelopemuse - https://twitter.com/envelopemuse

Envelope Muse | Bones For Children
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Envelope Muse - Into The Gord
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