Zen in a Nightclub

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An international collaboration project - Zen in a Nightclub was derived from the idea that it should be possible to find the mental discipline of Zen within the self anywhere - even in a nightclub - that all noise, music, sound, voice and harmonies are a dimension through which the mind can navigate and discover true inner sanctum. Scroll down to read more...



What started as a novel idea from a traveling performer to bring together international artists and exhibit them in the medium of collaboration has grown and flourished to become a unique mixing pot of ideas, musical styles and cultures.

There are many origins that form each track in the Zen in a Nightclub project. Some are based on single acoustic recordings which are then added to and produced, others are remixed, yet others start with a loop sequence then improvised over with an instrument, free-form lyrics or poetry and then later produced into a 'song'. 

Now incorporated as a part of Redmond Records - Zen in a Nightclub enjoys new angles and production quality with the fresh collaboration of label artist Boneve. 

Two previous net label EP releases by Zen in a Nightclub include The Mass Pursuit of Nothingness and Bells on Silentflow.org